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Our  “team” is well-prepared to offer their  skills and passion for the world of fine food and wine and ready to assist our guests in deciding the perfect  combination in eating and drinking. With our vast pool of knowledge  of the world of wine in general, we can guide you in choosing not only local wines and produce, but we can also introduce you to the best of French and other top wines.

With great attention to detail, together with  our combined experience acquired from many years of travelling and tastings in  Umbria, in Italy and the world, we have created a warm and welcoming  atmosphere, recalling the taverns of old.

Meet the team: Tonino, with a strong background in the hotel and restaurant sector, and his wife Emi,  expert and producer of local gastronomic produce  Mauro, an architect with a great passion for international and local wines, and his wife Loredana, a sommelier of wine and oil and an official taster. Filippo, a 35 year old architect who has been an AIS sommelier since 2015. 

A warm WELCOME awaits YOU!

Osteria il Sagrantino
Località S. Marco 5, 06036 Montefalco PG
Tel: 0742 718288
Email: info@osteriasagrantinomontefalco.com

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