Our gastronomic proposal

Osteria il Sagrantino is not a restaurant, as its name suggests.  We wanted to recover the true meaning of “osteria”: the etymology of the current name recalls the function of the place that is precisely that of hospitality. Our menu will therefore not be “traditional”, with a list of fixed dishes, but will focus on what are the “proposals of the day”, as based on the availability of the ingredients. We will always select the best and freshest food for you, varying the proposal almost daily. Governing principle, as always, the quality of the product and the local typicality.

Of course we also have “fixed specialties”, such as “Taglieri”, boards with cured meats and cheeses, our home-made Porchetta, Panzanella and Caponata di Salvatore, the “bruschettoni”, bread with a selection of extra virgin olive oils, the local fresh cow’s mozzarella Caprese.

Our kitchen also prepares almost every day handmade egg pasta, warm cakes to be served on the spoon, small pastries.


Osteria il Sagrantino
Località S. Marco 5, 06036 Montefalco PG
Tel: 0742 718288
Email: info@osteriasagrantinomontefalco.com

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