Our Philosophy

In the heart of the Sagrantino territory, our  Osteria is a reference point for all that revolves around the  native varietal Montefalco Sagrantino, and encapsulates the qualities with which it is associated.  The Sagrantineo is at the centre of a wide range of local products: other  wines of the territory, and the infinite variety of  local gastronomic produce, from salami to cheese, from legumes to vegetables and the king of Umbrian produce, the prized black truffle of  Norcia.

Love for the  quality of the produce  combined with  simple cooking,  but with the utmost care in bringing out all the sensations that our raw materials can express, above all their absolute  freshness and authenticity. So all the ingredients used in our  Osteria are  “from farm to table”, optimum quality and thoroughly researched as being  typically local.

But our Osteria also looks  beyond regional borders.  We are a reference point for the diffusion of the culture of wine and food,  not only at a local level, but also national and international.  You will therefore discover  a careful selection of the best Umbrian labels as well as the best of National and International labels, starting with the great French wines, and moving through the discovery of new world wines from  South America and New Zealand, paying careful attention to the price / quality ratio and offering prices accessible to all budgets.  Together with this range of wines, we offer special tasting events at which our guests can sample tasting menus  of selected wines paired with typical international gastronomic offerings from the great French cheeses through to roasted meats from Argentina.

The Osteria il Sagrantino can be seen as the  point of reference for the diffusion of the wine and food culture,  not only at a local level which is the basis of our business, but also at a national and international level. We insist on  the utmost attention to the sources and quality of the produce   which is always fresh and we aim to provide a service and a product that is accessible to all tastes and interests. 

Welcome… our Osteria is your  Osteria.

Osteria il Sagrantino
Località S. Marco 5, 06036 Montefalco PG
Tel: 0742 718288
Email: info@osteriasagrantinomontefalco.com

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