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At the base of our concept of cooking there is certainly the quality of the raw materials: we are in love with the local gastronomy and will try to introduce you to the specialties of our territory, from goat’s cheese from the Calcabrina factory (Bevagna), to the “pecorino” from the Norcia area -Cascia (Colforcella factory), the cured hams of San Marco and Norcia, the cured pork meats of the Colfiorito and vegetables from our gardens. But not just food, even the mineral water is strictly selected by local producers: Tullia (Sellano, Umbria-Marche Apennines) and Sassovivo  (hills above Foligno). We also produce and sell (retail)  extra virgin olive oil and homemade jams (by the “La Callaia” factory in Spello), always putting the quality of the raw material on the first level.

We have a selection of local handmade beers, from the Flea of ​​Gualdo Tadino to the Perugini Brewery of Montefalco, passing through the Caprai Merabirra and the Eremo Beer produced on the hills behind Assisi.

Osteria il Sagrantino
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