The Winehouse: brief history

The Winehouse stands on what, according to the majority of historians, is the most ancient route of the Via Flaminia, and is therefore called “via Flaminia vetus”: from Narni it bent to the north-west passing over the bridge of Augustus, of considerable technical interest, then to Casventum (San Gemini), Carsulae, Vicus to Martis (Massa Martana) and through Mevania (Bevagna) it reached Forum Flaminii (San Giovanni Profiamma) north-east of Fulginium (Foligno), named after the Via Flaminia itself. What is now an important regional road linking the Umbrian Valley to the middle valley of the Tiber, was therefore already in antiquity a fundamental road artery. With the development of agricultural activity first, and then the enological one, it has gradually established itself as one of the main regional arteries.

The building on which stands the Winehouse, dating back to the early 800, has played a special role as a reference point for the travelers in the area, and over the years it has been confirmed, becoming a meeting place for the local population also thanks to a small, historical, post office.

Recent times have instead seen the succession of numerous recreational-restaurant activities.

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