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Try our great variety of Umbrian, National and International wines, of every type and price, from the famous Montefalco Sagrantino to the best local and transalpine products.

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Our winehouse is located on the SAGRANTINO ROAD very near to MONTEFALCO and a few kilometers from the beautiful medieval villages of BEVAGNA and GUALDO CATTANEO

Address: Località S. Marco, 5, 06036 Montefalco PG
Telephone: 0742 718288
E-mail: info@osteriasagrantinomontefalco.com

Osteria il Sagrantino
Località S. Marco 5, 06036 Montefalco PG
Tel: 0742 718288
Email: info@osteriasagrantinomontefalco.com

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Lunedi 25 Aprile 11:00-16:00
Martedì 11:00-15:00   18:30-22:00

Mercoledì 11:00-15:00   18:30-22:00
Giovedì 11:00-15:00   18:30-22:00
Venerdì 11:00-15:30   18:30-22:00
Sabato 11:00-15:30   18:30-23:30
Domenica 11:00-16:30*
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